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Renting Duffy Boats in Long Beach, CA

Duffy Boat Rentals Long Beach - Anchors Away Boat Rentals

If you are looking to take a boat out during your visit in Long Beach, you have come to the right place. If you’re a new boater or just like to boat on vacation, renting a boat may seem like a daunting task. You’re probably wondering how to decide on the type of boat that will be perfect for the trip you are wanting to take. Whether you’re a local or tourist planning a fun outing, we’ll share the highlights of all of the perks of choosing Duffy Boat rentals in Long Beach!

What is a Duffy Boat?

A Duffy Boat is a safe haven for a new boater but still an enjoyable experience for pro boaters. Our Duffy Boats will take you around Alamitos Bay at a smooth 5 mph so you can talk with family and friends, relax and take in the sights, all while not worrying about the boat getting away from you!

You’re probably thinking that you’ve tried talking to friends and on a boat before it was challenging due to the noise. This isn’t the case with a Duffy Boat! You’ll enjoy a quiet cruise that makes it easy to socialize thanks to the fact that the boat is powered by electricity.

Another perk of the Duffy Boat is that you won’t have to tolerate the stinky exhaust smells on your trip around the bay because there isn’t one! This is not only a convenience for you but also eliminates air and water pollution, which is great for the environment. And, since you won’t be filling up with gas, you won’t have to worry about the astronomical fees associated with renting a boat like a pontoon.

Perfect boat rental for newbies

The way that the Duffy Boat was designed makes it great for those who are new to the water. Whether it be small kids or just people who have yet to find their sea legs, you can welcome them aboard with peace of mind knowing that they will feel comfortable throughout the cruise. This is because the Duffy Boat was crafted with a relaxing experience in mind.

Specifically, the boat is designed to be steadier than most boats you’ll see on the water. Not to mention that captaining the boat is a breeze! You can make smooth, sharp turns with no problem, which is definitely not the case with some other popular boats on the water! You don’t even need a boating license to drive one.

Perfect for a Variety of Outings
Boat Rentals Long Beach - Anchors Away Boat RentalsNo matter the occasion, a Duffy Boat rental in Long Beach is a perfect choice. While Duffy Boats are a favorite for family outings orĀ boat rentals for parties due to their size, they can also be perfect for a secluded romantic date night. If you would like to take your work on the water, you are welcome to host a business meeting while relaxing on the water in your personal Duffy Boat.


What is there to See?
Our Long Beach Boat Rentals give you the opportunity to explore Alamitos Bay where you’ll find glorious sights to see including beautiful houses and landscape. Not to mention, the weather in the bay is perfect for boating any time of year! This means that you will get to immerse yourself in the relaxing experience without having to worry about rough conditions wreaking havoc on your trip.

When you choose our boat rentals in Long Beach, you can drift by the marina and take a glance at all of the boats housed there. You won’t run out of sights to see with your Duffy Boat cruise!

How do I book a Duffy boat rental?

If you’re interested in renting our Duffy Boats, you’ll need an online reservation first. This helps to ensure that you are on our schedule for your desired time. You can also call us to book your trip. Check out our Yelp! reviews for more information and we can’t wait to see you on the water!