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If you’ve ever thought about sampling a taste of the yachting high life with your friends or your loved ones, Long Beach boat rentals in our Duffy boats are the most affordable and fun way to rent a boat and cruise out on the water. Long Beach boat rentals are all over the marina, with varying degrees of Duffy boat rental companies. Yet there’s really only one company that offers a magical experience every time on a luxury Duffy boats based on user reviews.

Marina Pacifica’s Anchors Away Boat Rental is very highly rated on Yelp and has claimed the #1 spot for an electric Duffy boat rental in Long Beach. This comes as no surprise, as we offer clean and classy boat rentals in Long beach that are well-equipped with bluetooth for your favorite music playlist, a cooler for your drinks, leather seating throughout the vessel and plenty of free parking. All of our boats are brand new, and we are open all day from 9am to 9pm in order to maximize your adventure time!

Our Duffy boats, Your relaxation

duffy boat rentals in long beach ca - 2018

One of the reasons that our boat rentals in Long Beach are so highly ranked and trusted in Marina Pacifica is that our boats are spacious. We keep them absolutely spotless and clean for your enjoyment, as any luxury boat owner should. Our company policy is that every boat should be showroom quality and look like it’s straight out of a yachting magazine.

A more memorable boating experience

When you rent a cruise with Anchors Away, we provide a private, memorable experience. We don’t plaster our logo all over the side of the boats and on top of all of this, our staff are extremely professional, helpful, friendly and approachable. If you ever have a question related to any part of your rental or would like help setting anything up on the water then we are more than glad to accommodate to your needs.

All boats also come with a bucket of ice for champagne and other beverages! We think ahead and ensure you’re packed and prepared for your boat party rentals in Long Beach. Many times our guests also bring appetizers, and we’re always glad to have you bring some of your own.

Another great thing about our boats is that they have a roof awning which is very insulating against the cold and, of course, great for blocking the sun when it becomes a little bit too much.

Cruising the canals

We’ll teach you how to drive the boat during the start of your outing, if you’re unfamiliar, or for a small fee we are happy to drive for you. Also, we’re quick to respond to all inquiries and take phone or online reservations every day. The reservation process is so easy!

In order to best describe what it’s like to rent one of our boats, here’s a review that one of our guests had to say about their experience with Anchors Away:

“So a buddy of mine from out of town suggested we do something special and sent me a link to Anchors Away. I was thinking, why not. Got the reservation and away we went.

When I got to their dock, it just felt cool. Nigel was there to greet me and led me to our boat. It was really cool, nice, and clean. He gave me a rundown on how to operate the boat and a map, which didn’t help but I will explain later.

The boat was equipped with a Bluetooth system and I was able to connect to the boat and it made such a difference.

When the rest of my friends came, Nigel offered his ice chest so we can store our drinks. This man thinks of everything!! After that, I put on the captain’s hat that Anchor’s Away provided and away we went.

Man, the view, the sea, the ambiance, the friends…how could we not love this boat ride?!?! It was just a chill day with friends and a setting that we will not forget. As we were returning and docked, we looked at each other and said, “Man, I want to go on again!” That’s how much fun it was.

A definite Go-To and I highly recommend this.

Oh, about the map: Nigel gave me specific directions but I still got lost. haha. We both joked but as long as the boat was safe and we got back safe, we were all good.

I will see you again, for sure!”

This is very typical of our guests’ feedback and as you can see we take such great pride in the level of care and quality of customer service that we provide to all guests. The reason that we’re able to provide such magical experiences and high levels of service to you is because Anchors Away is invested into your group’s happiness!

If you’ve ever thought about having a nice family outing, date night, birthday or coworker retreat, then Anchors Away is a fantastic boat rental experience that is sure to create lasting memories.

The first step in booking your next friendly boating adventure is by calling our friendly receptionist at (949) 438-3607, or reserving your very own boat right here with an online reservation at our website.

You can expect great service, easy parking, and an overall wonderful experience from start to finish! We look forward to welcoming you aboard your Naples Long Beach adventure with your very own captain’s hat, and can’t wait to show you around. Please let us know what questions you have!